What Pwn2own contest is

Pwn2own actually is contest for computer hacking which has been annually held at a conference called CanSecWest since 2007. The participants are encouraged and challenged to exploit the earlier unknown vulnerabilities of those mobile devices and software that are widely used. Its name originates from the fact and act that participants need to hack or ‘pawn’ the device in order to win ‘own’ it. In computing any skilled expert is called ‘hacker’ who uses his extremely high-standard knowledge in order to be able to solve any kind of problem. As a matter of fact this word can refer to those who can program a computer but the term has been related to a security hacker in popular culture; a security hacker who use exploits or bugs to break into other people’s or companies’ computer systems. This contest is about the last meaning because these hackers are extremely talented and well-educated experts who break into software and devices in order to show their weak points.

The aim of the contest

Its most important aim is to demonstrate and emphasize the vulnerabilities of those devices and software that are in use throughout the whole world by discovering and pointing out the weak points of the software and devices so that the manufacturer could develop their security system.

Why we are here

We intend to follow up Pwn2own contest yearly by showing our readers and contestants all the facts about the contest: teams, targets, software to exploit, prizes, with giving vivid pictures of the days of contest.

We need hardly to say how important for or software and devices to be in safe as we use them in every field of our everyday life. Working with vulnerable devices can be hazardous especially in the world of finance.

Our targeted audience is not only the hackers but everyone who is involved in using any of the above mentioned devices and software and we wish to attract the attention of the importance of safety.

Also we open opportunities to our readers to recommend topics for us to read about and we give the possibility of getting into a community by being on this site.

We are to get our audience into the world of Pwn2own with professional posts and articles, highly detailed reports about teams, results, and the newly developed software and devices after being hacked in the contest. We do think it is essential to inform our readers about conferences, safety, news, developments. So anybody intends to buy new devices or software it is highly recommended to read our news regularly because we will inform our audience after contests what is worth buying it and what is not.
We work and improve our site so that everyone will find exciting fields of interest and get valuable information here. So if you want to take step in this particularly exciting and useful world do not hesitate to visit and read us regularly and what we can guarantee to you is that you will find our site the most overwhelming one ever!